1. KYC Center

KYC Documentation is required in order to receive both Fiat and Cryptocurrencies. The KYC center is accessed in the merchant dashboard by clicking on the "welcome" drop down in the top right. 

Documents needed:

Identity- A government issued ID from the company principal and/or account holder. Ex. Drivers license, passport

Corporate- A certified copy of a business document. Articles of organization, tax id certificate etc. Proof of address from a bill is also acceptable. If acting as a sole proprietor without a registered business, a social security card or proof of address will be accepted. 

2. Merchant Settings

Filling out your profile

*Note: This information is also displayed to customers on checkout*

1.  In the preferences tab you will find the merchant profile section

2. Your address is required information for Fiat payouts. 

3. Upload a logo. The correct size is 275x80 pixels. The image will be automatically resized if you upload a different size image.

3. Add a Payout Account

**You must have a payout account for a particular currency, in order to receive that currency.**

You must have at least one payout account in order to create invoices. As GoCoin is a payment processor, we must have a way to pay you before we can allow you to accept payments.

1. Click the preferences tab and then "Payouts"

2. Here you can add a Crypto payout address or bank account 

3. You will receive an email confirming the addition of the account.

4. Click the confirmation link.

5. You will be redirected back to the dashboard. The link will now appear as the active payout account.

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