GoCoin has several SDKs and Plugins available to assist in your integration with our API. They are all open source and provided as-is under the [Apache 2.0 License](http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.html).

*Note: Features available in our API may not be available in all plugins. Plugin development will always trail API development.*


Repositories (Github)

Even if you dont use Git, you can download a zip of the SDK from here.

* [PHP](https://github.com/GoCoin/gocoin-php)

* [Node.js](https://github.com/GoCoin/gocoin-js)

* [Ruby](https://github.com/GoCoin/gocoin-ruby)

* [.NET](https://github.com/GoCoin/gocoin-.net)

* [Java](https://github.com/GoCoin/gocoin-java)

Features, Bugs, and pull requests

We welcome any and all pull requests to improve these libraries. Bug reports will receive the higher priority than feature requests.

Please report all bugs to our support team, if you have created a Github issue, please reference the issue in the support request.

To expedite the merge process, please make sure that all unit tests pass (where applicable). Please add tests that support any additional features as well.

Packaged versions of SDKs

If you use any of the following package managers

* PHP - [Composer](https://packagist.org/packages/gocoin/gocoin-php)

* Node.js - [NPM](https://www.npmjs.org/package/gocoin) `$ npm install gocoin`

* Ruby - [RubyGems](https://rubygems.org/gems/gocoin) `$ gem install gocoin`


Repositories (Github)

Even if you dont use Git, you can download a zip of the Plugin from here.

* [Woocommerce](https://github.com/GoCoin/gocoin-woocommerce)

* [Magento](https://github.com/GoCoin/gocoin-magento)

* [Prestashop](https://github.com/GoCoin/gocoin-prestashop)

* [OpenCart](https://github.com/GoCoin/gocoin-opencart)

* [UberCart](https://github.com/GoCoin/gocoin-ubercart)

* [ZenCart](https://github.com/GoCoin/gocoin-zencart)

* [OSCommerce](https://github.com/GoCoin/gocoin-oscommerce)

* [VirtueMart](https://github.com/GoCoin/gocoin-virtuemart)

* [WHMCS](https://github.com/GoCoin/gocoin-whmcs)

* [OmniPay](https://github.com/GoCoin/gocoin-omnipay) 

New plugin requests

Please send any requests for new plugins to our support team. We want to make integration as easy as possible for our merchants. Any developers interested in working on plugin development can also contact the address above.