Using the GoCoin Payment Gateway on Shopify

Note: GoCoin is transitioning to a new Shopify alternative payment gateway. Do not select existing one labeled GoCoin. Follow the steps below to add the new GoCoin Cryptocurrency gateway.

Authorize GoCoin's Shopify Gateway for Your Shopify Account

Click the following link to authorize the new GoCoin Cryptocurrency gateway to your Shopify account:

Obtain your GoCoin Merchant Id and HMAC key from the dashboard

In the GoCoin dashboard, go to the Integrations page and select the Shopify tab. Here you can find your merchant id and Shopify HMAC Key.

Enable GoCoin in Shopify

1. Go to Settings -> Payment Providers in your Store Admin.

2. Under Alternative payment methods, select GoCoin Cryptocurrency. (For full GoCoin functionality, do not select the existing GoCoin option.)

3. To configure the gateway, enter your Merchant ID and HMAC Key in the fields and click Activate

4. GoCoin Cryptocurrency is now a checkout option

5. You will need to configure your payout account options in the GoCoin Dashboard before your clients can utilize the gateway.

6. Your invoice size will be limited until you complete GoCoin's compliance requirements.

How it works

1. When a customer checks out in Shopify via GoCoin, they will be redirected to a GoCoin gateway page and presented the payment requirements to fulfill the invoice. After the crypto payment has been made, the customer is redirected back to your Shopify site.

2. GoCoin will communicate with Shopify behind the scenes to update the order status. As soon as the payment is received, the order will appear as "Pending" in Shopify. In the GoCoin Dashboard it will appear as "Paid".

3. After a crypto payment is completed, Shopify is notified and the order will be marked as "Paid." In the GoCoin Dashboard, it will appear as "Ready_to_ship".

4. At this point, you can fulfill the order.

5. Based on your payout account settings, your merchant payout accounts (per currency) at GoCoin will accrue balances as invoices are completed. Crypto payouts will occur automatically, daily on business days, when minimum payout thresholds are met. Fiat payouts are generally made once a week when minimum payout thresholds are met. Contact GoCoin support if you have specific payout requirements or requests. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions.