Using the GoCoin Payment Gateway on Shopify

Get your Merchant ID

You'll need to get your Merchant ID from the GoCoin Dashboard. This can be found under integrations or in the url of your logged in dashboard. 

Obtain your HMAC key from the dashboard

Your Shopify HMAC key is found in the integrations tab of the merchant dashboard. 

Enable GoCoin in Shopify

1. Go to Settings -> Payments in your Store Admin. GoCoin can be found under Alternative payments

2. Enter your Merchant ID and HMAC Key in the fields and click Activate

3. GoCoin is now a checkout option

4. Your customers will be able to choose from any of the currencies you accept with GoCoin

What happens next?

GoCoin will communicate with shopify behind the scenes to update the order status. As soon as the payment is received, the order will appear as "Pending" in Shopify. In the GoCoin Dashboard it will appear as "Paid"

After 2 Confirmations on the Blockchain (for Bitcoin, Litecoin requires 10 and Dogecoin requires 20) the payment will be marked as "Paid." In the GoCoin Dashboard, it will appear as "Ready_to_ship"

At this point, you can fulfill the order.